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Contemporary Classic

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Your style is contemporary classic. You enjoy rooms marked for a contrast between aged and modern features.

Choose a classic line of sanitary ware and let it come out in contrast with other elements of your decor. Go for a sumptuous bathtub and, if you have enough room, expose it without resorting to the traditional wall as a support. Other option is to go for a hydro massage column, with a large overhead shower, and let yourself lose in this scenario of escape ... A mirror with a bold format (like a cloud for example) or a fancy rug to replace the traditional carpet are little touches that'll immediately lead you to a contemporary environment. Also try a modern head-rest on the bathtub, available in various forms and colours, and let them blend with your classic sanitary ware. Apply a strong bright cold colour in one of your walls and for the floor choose a glazed porcelain in icy white. The contrast between shinny and matted surfaces will break the monotony and will awaken all your senses.

The result will clearly be contemporaneity!

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