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SMART Wellness shower cabinSMART Wellness shower cabin – Pulverization

Your senses are sharp and therefore you fit perfectly in our sensory style. For you, the bathroom is certainly a place of relaxation and intimacy.

The bathroom is increasingly a place to relax body and mind. No wonder that now there are bathrooms equipped with sound, telephone and even television. In this context, showers are no longer a mere functional feature to become a source of pleasure, delight, relaxation and peace. Choose between columns, cabins and whirlpools, always keeping in mind your personal needs, your bathroom size, and create your own home spa. Hydro sauna, whirlpools or chromotherapy solutions are now available on the market, allowing you to benefit of beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home. We suggest the colour choices for the walls and floors to vary from gray, green to brown, with the only contrast on the white of the equipment. Invest in a glazed porcelain, green on one of the walls and gray on the ramining walls and on the floor. Use large tiles and glass to separate the "wet" area from the "dry" area. That same glass, that in a shade of green looks splendid, can cover the countertop sink, which means that the transparency will build on the environment. Choose sanitary ware, taps and accessories with a bold design. Fat, fluffy towels, green and brown, will complement this exquisite environment where rituals of beauty and health will fill in wonderful moments with your family, your partner or simply your lovely self.

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