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TAHOE bath furniture in gray wengue colourDIXIE bath furniture in oak colour

Any space reflects good taste and a rigorous and imaginative decor. Even the bathroom. This style will reveal the interiors' designer in you.

For you, the bathroom is no longer an isolated, depersonalized and hidden place at the end of a long corridor. You prize your bathroom and not only for its functionality. If you're bold, we suggest you to go for wallpapaper in one of your walls. Choose a paper with a generous texture and place the countertop unit with the sink on that wall. Pick embroidered tablecloths, candles and decorative bottles. A major trend are now golden features, confering sophistication and elegance to the room. Use it in accessories such as a mirror or other details of the decoration. Bet on a wooden floor, sealed with wax or varnish and make your bathroom into a real room. Despite some myths about wood and its dimensional instability in humid environments, the truth is that with simple steps such as not using detergents, it reaches the same levels of durability as ceramics with the advantage that it's much more welcoming and sophisticated. If you do not feel comfortable with that decision, go for ceramic tiles and get a similar effect. Complement your decor with a long curtain that matches your wallpaper and a shinny fabric "puff" or leather one. The result is irresistible!

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