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TREVO bathtubEDGE shower column in float colour

You're a natural born Naturalist. Nature shoud always be present in your rooms and its appeal will take you to choose areas where natural elements have a strong presence.

Nature is a source of beauty and comfort so it makes sense to bring it indoors. Add a special touch to your bathroom with pots of ornamental plants in order to introduce coziness into the room. Floral details in fabrics and on the walls are a "must have" on your bathroom. Wood and stone can be used in their original state or reproduced with the use of technology, maintaining its natural look. Use your imagination and turn stones, straw, dried leaves and even coffee beans into decorative elements. The effect is amazing! Besides the visual impact you'll always enjoy the sweet smell that emanates! Play with different shades of green. From the tiles on the shower area, to the dry area of the bathroom, enjoy the various shades of nature. Resin surfaces are resistent, beautiful and fit perfectly. Place a green light bulb above the shower or bathtub and make the most of it when relaxing. Towels in neutral colours like beige and brown will harmoniously complement the decor.

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