Test it and test it again

A chat with the team


Join us in a chat with the team about the importance of destructive testing, in order to obtain the highest quality possible.

The team works on a new mold at the Research and Development department in Sanitana's factory.


Making the impossible,

We meet with Pedro Martins, the head of composites industrialization, and Francisco Moura, the solid surface production engineer, who are busy guiding the team through the launch of the new Velvet collection. In the Research & Development area they start by taking us through possible constraints they face when developing a new project.

Making the impossible possible, they tell us, is the great driver for the team at Sanitana. Around us are various (still secret) projects in different stages of development – some are new concepts, others are experiments that test and probe the capabilities of the material. It is clear that this is where they push the boundaries of performance.

"There are
no limitations,
we are not here
to say no."


They tell us that this is ground zero for all projects. Surrounded by sculptures of new, current and would-be products, you can see why the designer turns to the industrialization specialists at the factory early in the development phase.

Francisco adds, "We do what needs to get done. There are no limitations, we are not here to say no. We have a designer-driven approach and that has made us more inventive. I really think that is why we are the most advanced solid surface factory in Portugal.”

Pride in perfection

For Francisco and Pedro, the constant drive to fine tune processes drives excellence. Through the years, they are the ones that have propelled changes to welcome new technologies, but they assure us that the level of craftsmanship embodied in Sanitana’s solid surface products remains.

As we stopped to see a new prototype, they explained to us how the team spends a lot of time going into the details. How will the material fare in a humid environment? Will cleaning products affect the surface finish? They know how important it is for everything to come together as a whole. And they know quality control is a big part of that.

"When we look at a finished product, we want to feel a sense of pride, a sense of a job well done."


That is why, from day one, Sanitana has maintained a policy of checking each and every solid surface product. And by checking, at times, that really means trying to destroy our own products. They take us to the quality control work stations and we stand to the side, as trained eyes make sure angles and dimensions are correct, that water flows out properly.

Particular attention is being paid to the waste cover, as Pedro explains to us that these are the final checks before shipping. Way before that, the material itself was put through to what he jokingly refers to as the torture chambers. Impact tests, temperature variations evaluations, you name it. The goal is clear, as Pedro puts it: “When we look at a finished product, we want to feel a sense of pride, a sense of a job well done.