Sanitana - Professional Catalogue 2021-2022

392 ENCLOSURES > SHOWER TRAYS AND BATHTUBS > INFORMATION Enclosures Select the right enclosure Typologies Different solutions for each preference Application D iscover a line of enclosures, especially designed for all the singularities of your shower areas - for application with shower trays or bathtubs. These enclosures are specifically designed for when the tub also doubles as the shower. They are available with one simple panel – one single pivoting glass panel – or double – with one fixed panel and one pivotingpanel–thatprovidesgreater protection against spatter. Bathtub Available in these collections: Step Up Available for cornerorbetween-walls applications,ourmodelsarecompati- blewithrectangular,squareandquad- rantshowertrays.Pickaconventional enclosure (panelled all around) or a more modern walk-in version for an easier access to the shower area. Shower Available in these collections: Open ∙ Evolve . Step Up Safety and comfort for your everyday life Variety Natural Evolution A warm shower in winter or a quick shower after jogging: showering starts the day with the right boost. This is, until you flood the bathroom floor. Yes, showers are great, but a high-quality enclosure is essential. Learn more about our range.