Sanitana - Professional Catalogue 2021-2022

422 SHOWER > INFORMATION Complete solution Experience all the benefits of water Hydromassage columns N othing is more restoring and invigorating than a good shower. Learn more about the perfect balance between the power of water and a comprehensive solution. Shower Discover the possibilities Attest the power of water Well-being The perfect shower W ater has two main powers: energizing us at the beginning of the day and relaxing us at the end of it. Nevertheless, nowadays the act of showering is much more than mere water drops falling. Discover the possibilities and elevate a simple shower to a totally new bathing experience. Thermostatic Water jets Water cascade Overhead shower The lightness of a overhead show- er´s spray helps to relax, wrapping the user in a soft and cosy rain-like effect. Do not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and relax. Enjoy the water in its most natural form – cascading over the neck and shoulders. Focused sprays that wash the stress of the day away: these massage op- tions – rain, pulsating and spraying – for tension relief. Comfort is a must in the shower: a thermostaticmixerassuresthewater reaches the right temperature within seconds and stays that way. Page 426