Sanitana - Professional Catalogue 2021-2022

ABOUT THIS CATALOGUE All product references presented in this catalogue are now represented with spacing in between them in order to facilitate their consultation andmemorization. Please note, however, that the SANITANA coding system does not include these spaces (a code represented as S100 9652 3600 000 is, in fact, the reference S10096523600000). Set prices are obtained by adding the price of the cheaper option for each component. VAT is not included. The products illustrated in this catalogue may not correspond exactly to the final product due to the catalogue’s graphic concept and the inherent constraints of the reproduction media. For technical and/or commercial reasons, SANITANA reserves the right to make changes to prices, materials, accessories or other technical specifications contained in this cataloguewithoutpriornotice.Formats,dimensions,coloursandotherproductcharacteristicsshouldbeused forguidanceonly.Unlessotherwise indicated,allweightsarerepresented in kilograms (kg) and measurements in millimeters (mm). PEFC Portugal is the Portuguese Sustainable Forest Management Certification System, recognized by PEFC International, which allows Portuguese forest producers to meet internationally recognized sustainable forest management requirements. This catalogue is produced with sustainable forest management paper, where sustainability principles based on three basic pillars are consistently applied: (1) Social (2) Environmental (3) Economic.