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SANITANA is a company located in Anadia, Portugal. It produces and commercializes sanitary ware and bath related products. It was founded in 1979, having been the first Portuguese ceramics company dedicated exclusively to the fabrication of sanitary ware.

The SANITANA brand came into existence as soon as the company started to fabricate and commercialize its products, having been present in the market since 1981. Very early thought out with the Clients full satisfaction in mind, it went through several evolutionary stages regarding its positioning in the marketplace, in order to better respond to the necessities of its target audience. With this scope in mind, the organization was structured for the increase in productive capacity, evolving in order to cope with the demands of the marketplace.

We consider the following as relevant and important stages of our history: the production of the first sanitary ware pieces in 1981, of toilet seats in 1987 (process closed down in 2005), of acrylic pieces in 1988, and also the start of production of kitchen sinks in 1990. SANITANA’s integration in the portfolio of owned companies of a world renowned group has been another important landmark, accentuating the structural and technological renovation within the company. The SANITANA brand remains in the market, and also SANITANA’s full accountability and commitment towards its clients and other stakeholders.

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